Monday, 20 December 2010

T-mobile, Welcome back

T-mobile are probably the best example of a flash mob with commercial purpose, and one of the first ones with the T-mobile dance one year ago.

This one is still on the same track but refreshed in a very nice way and going one step further switching from dancing to singing:

Conclusion: once you get a strong communication tool it's not necessary to change it but just give it some freshness and make it work for you more than once. People like to follow good stories and it's engaging. What's more they will share the story with others. ("Life's for sharing", indeed!)

Monday, 13 December 2010

New short movie for Dior: luxury fashion gets compassionate?

During the last two years luxury fashion brands like to create touching short movies aiming to strengthen the brands giving them emotional human aspect. That trend in the communication of luxury fashion brands is maybe related to their ambitions to conquer bigger market going a bit more mass market and leaving behind the glamorous image turned once only around rich and famous but still saving the magic and the dream behind the brand.

Is that assumption true?

Let's search for an answer in the latest short movie released on-line for Dior:

Monday, 6 December 2010

Art engages. This time for MINI

The graphic artists from Rinpa Eshidan (Japan) were asked to paint a MINI car in Tokyo. They got inspired from the idea behind MINI as a brand and gave their best for the project. The result is a captivating mobile artwork. Yes - Art, not Advertising!

In near future I expect more and more projects like that circulating the web as viral videos for smart brands rather than adv spots.

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