Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Interior Design&Branding: Leo Burnett's Offices Example

The advertising company Leo Burnett had big success creating the company's Offices in Singapore, made by the local designers team of Ministry of Design.

So, what's so different?

First, the whole design concept was inspired by the company's history and, above all, by the company's creator Mr. Leo Burnett. His portrait which welcomes everyone, is creative enough for an advertising agency office. It is not just a simple picture - it starts from the floor and finishes on the ceiling.. and the famous pencil, the agency's symbol is also there, in Mr. Burnett's hand.

Second, the whole office area is devised in 3 unique environments that separately capture a different aspect of the total creative process but yet connect in harmony with each other and with the company culture.
The corporate symbols are everywhere - colors, drawings, the famous pencil which is cleverly incorporated also at the company web-site, the red apples.

At last, don't forget the outdoor area - on the floor and on the white walls there are black lines which viewed in perspective are looking like "7+". This number represents the quality of the agency's ads (in the world of advertising there is an evaluation scale from 1 to 10 - anything marked with 7 and above is in fact marked as an excellent ad).

Just perfectly communicated brand. Well done, Ministry of Design.

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