Sunday, 16 October 2011

The story that made a coffee bean smile, Dhjana by Nespresso

This week I found by chance the Dhjana web-site promoting a Limited Edition of Nespresso as part of its Sustainable Quality Program.

It's worth sharing especially because of the creative solution I find lovely both in terms of copywriting and visualisation.

Check it out here, on the Dhjana website.

I would advise not to skip the intro and then start with watching the short movie before exploring the whole site.

As for Nespresso's project, it made smile not just the coffee beans but also me. Good luck to Dhjana!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Pirelli celebrates a successful F1 season with Dance Attack in Milan

Here's a very well executed Dance based piece of content by Pirelli, dedicated to the successful season of the Pzero tires in Formula 1:

Putting together the nice look over Milan's city center, the attractive dance performance (considering also the successful choice of costumes), and the music background choice I wouldn't be surprised if that  becomes the next example of Viral video on YouTube.

Special thanks to Cata and her cool and always up-to-date  cooladsniceart blog (my source of information for this post).

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