Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Virgin America Safety Dance

Do you ever watch the safety instructions while the plane is preparing for take off? Come on, be honest, it's no. Well, this one will make you do so.
The Virgin produced Virgin America Safety Video is a bit long but if these 5 minutes were what happens every time before Virgin America flight, I would want a seat in the first rows.

Special thanks to my dancing friend Victoria for showing me this.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Chloé Roses or if fragrance was a dance

Rose, delicate, beautiful. This video celebrates the rose as seen by Chloé in the brand's new fragrance Roses de Chloé. While the main characters in the perfume bottle are thousands of petals of the Rose Damascena essence, the blooming roses in the video are realized by the French choreography company 'I could never be a dancer'.

As for my taste, that's all my favorite things in one: roses, dance, art, brands. A piece of work I like so much that I secretly wish I did first (or not so secretly anymore). Thanks to my friend Catalina for showing me this.

Monday, 16 September 2013

The Saint Laurent Ballerina shoe collection Dance Video

YSL didn't take my breath away with stunning video content. Till now. Their official YouTube channel, started about an year ago, made out of the Saint Laurent brand a late follower rather than an active figure compared to the efforts of other big names in fashion in that field of communication. But with the latest piece of content Saint Laurent, with Hedi Slimane at the head, is on the right track.

Slimane's first film for Saint Laurent presents the designer's new Ballerina shoe collection in the most appropriate way - with ballet-like dance. Good concept with lots of contextual messages - the timeless black-and-white, the leather and flannel shirt reminiscent the YSL fall-winter 2013 collection, the soundtrack. It would be close to perfect if it wasn't for the doubtful ballet dance skills of starring Lida Fox. Although her performance may make her look a good dancer amongst models, I wish I saw a real ballerina at her place, one who would make this performance less... dull.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Strenght in motion: ballerina Tamara Rojo for Lexus

It's been a while since an automotive brand has done a good piece of content using dance as a language of expression. And now here is one, which impressed me. The new Lexus IS commercial is featuring Tamara Rojo:

She is not just great ballerina but she has that distinctive spirit of both intelligence and strenght which transforms a dancer into an amazing dancer. Plus, she uses the perfect words to explain her philosophy of dance as a communication system:

Very sophisticated choice for Lexus IS 2013, I would say.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Dance Dictionary by Puma

Dance is a language. Sometimes better than words. I keep saying it. And now this message comes to life in very creative way by Puma Fragrances. To celebrate their new product line, they created the Dance Dictionary:

Great interactive campaign inviting you to translate your messages into dance moves by using the Dance Dictionary. Of course, than you can transmit your message to the world via social media.

Ok, enough said, time to get lost in translation...
Try it out on www.pumadancedictionary.com.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

One tango on wheels, by Louis Vuitton

To celebrate Zephyr, the new 4-wheel suitcase in their product line, at Louis Vuitton have chosen to present the art de voyager this time through a dance performance at the airport.

While watching those beautifully dynamic moves, the key features of the suitcase are almost imperceptibly introduced to the viewer. That's smart.

But what is more important goes beyond the product in question. Once I saw it, it immediately stuck on my mind as a captivating tango dance metaphor of the modern hustle of travelling, yet in the most sophisticated and passionate way possible. That is the continuous Louis Vuitton tale, or in this case better call it dance, for the art de voyager. This is why I like it.

Friday, 26 April 2013

More Beyoncé, Mirrors and Pepsi

Talking about Beyoncé and her hot 2013, we can not skip also her performance for Pepsi that was released earlier this month. Here it is, with never-before-seen routine, as the video description claims:

I find even better the video behind the scenes:

Great Mrs. Carter. #BeyHereNow.

Beyoncé standing and dancing in the sun for H&M

Hot season for Beyoncé, metaphorically and literally speaking.
While she is doing her Mrs. Carter World Tour 2013, here a video uploaded on the 24th of April, new song and new sexy moves from Mrs. Carter, this time for H&M:

Hot summer stuff by Beyoncé and smart summer move by H&M, is what I think.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Dancing babies for Kit Kat in India. Viral.

When speaking of 'viral' in advertising, there are some themes that are automatically considered potential success, such as babies and dancing. So here an example from India, a local interpretation on the 'Take a break' Kit Kat campaign:

The ad is perceived as funny, cute and viral. Well, to me doesn't look like so, but hey, if Indian audience likes it, than it's good. Although, these babies scare me a bit, they are moving in a weird way.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A recap on what 'Better world in motion' is all about

Here is the first "Better world in motion" post for 2013. It comes just as a quick reminder to its, I have to admit, limited audience and those little few that share positive feedback about the concept of this blog. In brief, it is my personal study on 'dance and body motion in advertising', so there is no daily feed, or any scheduled feed at all, until I discover something I find relevant to share.

And now comes what I call the useful part, a brief recap and some conclusions on the usage of dance in advertising (or what I noticed since I started this blog in 2009):

First, the kind of content: tv spots, short movies, videos (this one is a no-brainer: moving and dancing people and things are shown best in, well, moving pictures).

Than the industries using dance more than others in their brand communication:
1. Fashion (as an example see my post on Louis Vuitton YouTube channel, another ones by Tod's, Pacco Rabane and the Canvas Experiment by Converse);
2. Automotive (see the dancing hamsters of Kia, the 'dancing in the rain' VW version, Citroen, and an example by Pirelli);
3. Telecommunication (the famous T-mobile case, Google Chrome, Samsung);
4. Food & beverage (cereals brand Weetabix, Baileys, of course Red Bull);
5. People/artists (Daniel Cloud Campos, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, to name few from the international dance scene).
I can't ommit also specialised sports, and point out the Nike example, also Nike Women campaign starring Sofia Boutella).

As a conclusion, I would like to share my belief that having dancers instead of models and actors in advertising, and having choreographers as a part of the creative team behind a commercial could make a difference in a positive way. Because dance is a story told with no words. And good advertising is about great sorytelling, isn't it?

To close this post I would like to thank all my friends who are dancers, choreographers and advertising people. My 'Better world in motion' is dedicated to you.

More less profound and more of a case-study posts to come. ;)


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