Saturday, 17 September 2011

Cereals are good for children and... make them dance

It's Saturday, time for breakfast and some dance moves.
Here's the new advert for the UK cereals brand Weetabix, starring the 9-year old street dancer Arizona Snow:

Great performance by Arizona, impressive routine by the teddy bears. Here how all that was made possible:

Friday, 16 September 2011

Summer memories or the Art labels of Campari

It's mid-September, so time to say goodbye to the summer days and long evenings with cocktails... which reminds me of a bottle label that was around these summer months: Campari Limited edition by Romero Britto.

The label is the forth example of the Art collaborations for the 150th anniversary of Campari and it's based on one of the most successful pieces of work of the Brazilian pop artist, called  "A New Day".

Even if the celebrations for the brand's anniversary were back in 2010, a year later we saw the label of Romero Britto all over the world, after the big success it had in Brazil last year. That's also the idea behind this campaign, as Campari guys say - to make Art accessible to everyone (even when you're having a drink).
As for me, the concept is warmly welcomed.

And if it still around 30 degrees C where you are (as it is in Sofia), maybe you can go for a refreshing drink with friends tonight.

Why not even for something Campari based... a Negroni?

Friday, 2 September 2011

Dancing hamsters drive the new Kia Soul

Do you remember the hamsters driving Kia Soul back in 2010? No matter the answer, you have to see them do the dance now (dancing was quite appropriate as the commercial was shown during the MTV VMAs):

Pretty nice performance, hamsters, well done! And the back-up dancers the robots are doing good too. Although I'm not sure you convinced me to have a ride with your preferred vehicle, the Kia Soul crossover.

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