philosophy of dance in branding

Living in a better world is about creating it. Creation of something better meaningful and beautiful, another level of aesthetics, this is design.
So, why don’t we become designers of a better world?

So let’s explore the design of one single human aspect – the body movement through the space – gestures, facial and body expression. Isn’t that movement the external manifestation of each person’s inner world? For me, it is.

Let’s get familiar with the ways of communicating and creating a better world… it could be inspiring for every designer, even if you are designer just of your own world... or of another person, or product, or company!

Let's try to apply this metaphor of the evolution of the world from walking to dancing to other areas, such as communication, advertising and marketing. A mix that could give unexpected results, better ones! Because in the end the ones that communicate the most nowadays are brands with their services and products. 

You are welcome to follow with me the moves I find interesting and somehow related to building a better world.

Better world in motion | Desenvolvido por EMPORIUM DIGITAL