Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Don't imitate... originate / "Like Mike"

Here is something witty and beautiful. "Like Mike" - a short movie by the very talented dancer, choreographer and lately a director, Daniel Cloud Campos. I just love the way the message gets through. I have nothing more to say, so just watch it:

Saturday, 18 February 2012

How brands use YouTube channels a.k.a. content is still king

Recently I've been discussing with some young and smart entrepreneurs the usage of YouTube channels for brands, and more specifically, how to make that channel work for them.
In my humble opinion there is only one thing that matters and it's called Content. Yes, content is still king. So what you can do is to try your best and produce the best content possible, according to what 'best' means to your brand and your audience.

Here an example that is related to my favorite type of content (which obviously, going through the content of this blog, is related to dance and art projects). That's the latest video by Louis Vuitton:

If that's the type of content you find good as well, check out the Louis Vuitton channel.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Love note on a cupcake and other sweet ideas for Valentine's day

Ok, it's time for a hidden, locally based gem. This post comes straight from the central streets of Sofia, from a charming cupcake bakery called Take a Cake.

Their Valentine's day initiative is called Cupcake Art - a project in collaboration with artists.

In brief, the designs are printed on waffles paper (yes, you can eat it) and put on six cupcakes. That's how you get your festive box of 6 originally designed cupcakes, and with a post card inside (this one is not eatable so your love note lasts).

Isn't that the sweetest idea for a Valentine's gift?

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