Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Chloé Roses or if fragrance was a dance

Rose, delicate, beautiful. This video celebrates the rose as seen by Chloé in the brand's new fragrance Roses de Chloé. While the main characters in the perfume bottle are thousands of petals of the Rose Damascena essence, the blooming roses in the video are realized by the French choreography company 'I could never be a dancer'.

As for my taste, that's all my favorite things in one: roses, dance, art, brands. A piece of work I like so much that I secretly wish I did first (or not so secretly anymore). Thanks to my friend Catalina for showing me this.

Monday, 16 September 2013

The Saint Laurent Ballerina shoe collection Dance Video

YSL didn't take my breath away with stunning video content. Till now. Their official YouTube channel, started about an year ago, made out of the Saint Laurent brand a late follower rather than an active figure compared to the efforts of other big names in fashion in that field of communication. But with the latest piece of content Saint Laurent, with Hedi Slimane at the head, is on the right track.

Slimane's first film for Saint Laurent presents the designer's new Ballerina shoe collection in the most appropriate way - with ballet-like dance. Good concept with lots of contextual messages - the timeless black-and-white, the leather and flannel shirt reminiscent the YSL fall-winter 2013 collection, the soundtrack. It would be close to perfect if it wasn't for the doubtful ballet dance skills of starring Lida Fox. Although her performance may make her look a good dancer amongst models, I wish I saw a real ballerina at her place, one who would make this performance less... dull.

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