Monday, 27 June 2011

with Red Bull Beat It, the streets of Paris belong to you (dancers)

The first edition of the Red Bull dance battle 'Beat it' was few days ago, on 21st of June, in Paris.
The concept: 12 of the best street dancers from different styles in France, 3 key places around the city, the crowd voting their favorites.

Check out the video showing the atmosphere around the event:

As the organizers claimed, with Beat it, the streets belong to you (dancers)!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Unleash your fingers, with Samsung Galaxy S2

The creative solution of the commercial for Samsung Galaxy S2 phone turns around a dancer with fast fingers and geometry - I just can't skip sharing it:

The video is already viral for dancers and choreographers. I'm not sure they care about the product but I'm positive that it will be their inspiration for the next work-out in the dance hall. And who knows, the Galaxy S2 might be their next choice also in the phone store, just because they have fast and supple fingers!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Mercedes-Benz shows the new M-class in a witty short movie

Mercedes-Benz's communication is becoming more interesting lately. Here's the latest short movie promoting the new M-class:

The lesson: never use the same packaging for all the presents... or start saving money to face the challenge with a M-class.

Le club Perrier - the more people who watch, the hotter the party

The French water brand Perrier started a new type of interactivity campaign with a video on YouTube, uploaded a week ago.

The idea is simple and brilliant at the same time: the more people watch the video, the more parts of it are being unlocked.

After a week, at the moment I checked it out, it had 1 011 396 views, 3 levels had been unlocked and still 3 more to go. Looks like very good approach to go viral.

The only weak point here is the story told in the video - sexy, sweating, hot nightlife and water? Being sexy is an old trick that always works in advertising but this time the audience seems to be a bit negative (check out the comments on Perrier's YouTube channel), and some people didn't even realize that's water! (Here my favorite quote: "Its water! lol i thought this was beer haha disapointed, but this still looks chillin =P")

Now, check it out by yourself, and share it if you want to help unlocking the final part of the video: Perrier YouTube channel

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