Saturday, 25 September 2010

Re-writing the classics: dancing in the rain/VW Golf

What do you visualize in your mind if I tell you: Gene Kelly, Singing in the rain!
Answer: Well, Gene Kelly singing and dancing in the rain of course!

What about this?

Surprised, ain't you? Good, so you will remember it when you see a Golf GTI passing next to you.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Make it Viral - by Samsung

Did you watched a video called "Cute girl has a catchy dance" on YouTube? Or maybe a friend sent you the link, or it was shared on Facebook?

It's uploaded on 7th of September and circulates the Net really fast - for 2 weeks it was seen almost 4 million times!

Interested about seeing the cute girl dancing? Watch the video till the end and you realize that it's an ad for the new Galaxy phone by Samsung.

Smart, ain't it?

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Design trends - scooters are back, inspired by Vespa

Do you remember Vespa? Yes, the Italian scooter legend...

We all heard the story of trends which come back from the past. There is a fresh example in automotive industry. Inspired by the economical crisis maybe and the aim being more practical now, leaving our cars at home, the trend of scooters as a transport in big cities returns!

We have two competitors with the similar concept for the automotive fair in Paris 2010 - Smart vs. Mini with scooters powered by electric motor:

Smart (Mercedes-Benz)


Which one gonna be more successful? Is it possible to stand out in front of the famous Vespa in this market at all? Let's wait for the result...

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