Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Dance Dictionary by Puma

Dance is a language. Sometimes better than words. I keep saying it. And now this message comes to life in very creative way by Puma Fragrances. To celebrate their new product line, they created the Dance Dictionary:

Great interactive campaign inviting you to translate your messages into dance moves by using the Dance Dictionary. Of course, than you can transmit your message to the world via social media.

Ok, enough said, time to get lost in translation...
Try it out on

Saturday, 11 May 2013

One tango on wheels, by Louis Vuitton

To celebrate Zephyr, the new 4-wheel suitcase in their product line, at Louis Vuitton have chosen to present the art de voyager this time through a dance performance at the airport.

While watching those beautifully dynamic moves, the key features of the suitcase are almost imperceptibly introduced to the viewer. That's smart.

But what is more important goes beyond the product in question. Once I saw it, it immediately stuck on my mind as a captivating tango dance metaphor of the modern hustle of travelling, yet in the most sophisticated and passionate way possible. That is the continuous Louis Vuitton tale, or in this case better call it dance, for the art de voyager. This is why I like it.

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