Monday, 20 December 2010

T-mobile, Welcome back

T-mobile are probably the best example of a flash mob with commercial purpose, and one of the first ones with the T-mobile dance one year ago.

This one is still on the same track but refreshed in a very nice way and going one step further switching from dancing to singing:

Conclusion: once you get a strong communication tool it's not necessary to change it but just give it some freshness and make it work for you more than once. People like to follow good stories and it's engaging. What's more they will share the story with others. ("Life's for sharing", indeed!)

Monday, 13 December 2010

New short movie for Dior: luxury fashion gets compassionate?

During the last two years luxury fashion brands like to create touching short movies aiming to strengthen the brands giving them emotional human aspect. That trend in the communication of luxury fashion brands is maybe related to their ambitions to conquer bigger market going a bit more mass market and leaving behind the glamorous image turned once only around rich and famous but still saving the magic and the dream behind the brand.

Is that assumption true?

Let's search for an answer in the latest short movie released on-line for Dior:

Monday, 6 December 2010

Art engages. This time for MINI

The graphic artists from Rinpa Eshidan (Japan) were asked to paint a MINI car in Tokyo. They got inspired from the idea behind MINI as a brand and gave their best for the project. The result is a captivating mobile artwork. Yes - Art, not Advertising!

In near future I expect more and more projects like that circulating the web as viral videos for smart brands rather than adv spots.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Was the dancing a good idea for Tassimo Brewbot and Bosch?

The Tassimo BrewBot campaign is showing a dancing robot! In general, I love the dance metaphor in brand communication but this time something is not the way it should be.

First of all, we've seen a lot of dancing robots already - cars and all kinds of transforming machines. So, no element of surprise anymore.

Second, we have a coffee machine by Bosch here. Does anybody perceive this brand as fun, young and... dancing?! Me not. So why do we decide to make this product dance, bearing in mind the mother brand? I wouldn't do so just for the sake of being original and entertaining (or trying to be). If someone wants to explain that decision, please, you are very welcome to do so. Discussion is always a good thing.

And one final remark here... the whole product experience with the coffee machine and the capsules with different tastes in different colors reminds me immediately of Nespresso. Is it a good strategy to follow a big player in the field both in terms of product and communication strategy? It might be, but don't try to fight for the best and the most original campaign in the end of the year, please!

In the end, the dance metaphor is not a good solution for every brand. I will stand for this statement despite my passion for dancing and rhythm as communication system. Or let's put it this way - there is no wrong or right communication, there is only appropriate or not appropriate one!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Facade as a stage for outstanding performance, by Ralph Lauren

Some people say Mr. Ralph Lauren isn't the best fashion designer but he's a genius Communication Manager in the world of fashion. Innovation in fashion marketing is a great part of his job. His latest presentation related to the 10th anniversary of Ralph Lauren's on-line store stands one more time for the power of his communication ideas:

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Dance transmits a brand philosophy for Tod's

Sometimes brands try to tell their stories using different art forms. Is it a good way? Yes!

Art form such as dance could transmit a strong idea or create a metaphor of a brand personality using emotional message and at the same time be based on rational strategic concept.
Results can be surprisingly good.

A cooperation between Tod's shoe brand and theater La Scala - Milan is an intersting exaple on how it works.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

ABCDance cards - communication campaign made in Shanghai

There's an interesting entree in the short list of London International Awards 2010, a festival celebrating ideas in the communications world 25 years already.

It's a campaign promoting infant milk formula in both educational and entertaining way. It tells mothers that they can easily develop the brain activity of their children in harmony using the letters from the English alphabet and making children dance it!

Take a look at the official video of this entree directly on the London International Awards web-site by clicking here.

Monday, 11 October 2010

The phylosophy of Dance in Quotes

Thanks to Eddie Uehara for this great video!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Re-writing the classics: dancing in the rain/VW Golf

What do you visualize in your mind if I tell you: Gene Kelly, Singing in the rain!
Answer: Well, Gene Kelly singing and dancing in the rain of course!

What about this?

Surprised, ain't you? Good, so you will remember it when you see a Golf GTI passing next to you.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Make it Viral - by Samsung

Did you watched a video called "Cute girl has a catchy dance" on YouTube? Or maybe a friend sent you the link, or it was shared on Facebook?

It's uploaded on 7th of September and circulates the Net really fast - for 2 weeks it was seen almost 4 million times!

Interested about seeing the cute girl dancing? Watch the video till the end and you realize that it's an ad for the new Galaxy phone by Samsung.

Smart, ain't it?

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Design trends - scooters are back, inspired by Vespa

Do you remember Vespa? Yes, the Italian scooter legend...

We all heard the story of trends which come back from the past. There is a fresh example in automotive industry. Inspired by the economical crisis maybe and the aim being more practical now, leaving our cars at home, the trend of scooters as a transport in big cities returns!

We have two competitors with the similar concept for the automotive fair in Paris 2010 - Smart vs. Mini with scooters powered by electric motor:

Smart (Mercedes-Benz)


Which one gonna be more successful? Is it possible to stand out in front of the famous Vespa in this market at all? Let's wait for the result...

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Armani's campaign for Acqua di Gioia - creating a dream world

This spring was released the new Armani fragrance for women Acqua di Gioia. Another new fragrance, one of many. What makes the difference?

The communication campaign concept goes a bit further than showing beautiful model posing for a picture (it's not that the model is not beautiful, Emily Di Donato is absolutely amazing here). The videos create a dream, a world dedicated to Acqua di Gioia, where nature and woman go together, supported by elements as rainwater, sea, green forests on islands, as Armani team declares.
The final touch is added by the music in the videos!
The result - seems that it made a difference in this year's new fragrances campaigns. Check it yourself and enjoy the 5 videos, shared by Armani in Series on YouTube!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Stop motion - the art of expressing actions with no moves

Catching actions and moving objects in photography is provocative objective and always interesting task. Stop motion, though, can be used in many ways. Sometimes even you can tell more with no motion than with a hundred movements.

This tool is used in art, especially in dance, to point out something, to create opposites, to impress in a different way. Dancers who are able to express a message with no motion, creating tension just standing still are appreciated as the best performers on stage.

Why not using this tool in advertising? Someone do. A good example is the Campari Orange Passion Spot - watch it and think about the exact action which is shown with this stop motion. An original strong atmosphere created using a different way to express an action leads to good results for Campari perception.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Fashion+Celebrities+Dance=Kate Moss for Topshop Spring/Summer 2010

The fashion brand Topshop from UK has a Spring/Summer collection 2010 designed by the famous fashion icon Kate Moss. This is a really big news for them... but they go even further in promoting it.

A promo video on Kate Moss's collection was launched in May and there you can see Kate... dancing! It is sexy, bold, but in the same time romantic and made with style...
The result is worth to see - watch the official video here.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Rhythm and moves in ads - Pacco Rabanne's 1 million example

Once again we can see the huge influence the body movement is making to the audience in the commercial area.

This time the example is about an ad spot using "par excellence" the power of music and body moves, improved dramatically by the virtuous editing of the video.

It's Pacco Rabanne's tv ad for the 1 million fragrance - a stylish black&white solution.

You probably all have seen it, but still it's useful to look at it from another point of view. Watch the spot here.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Interior Design&Branding: Leo Burnett's Offices Example

The advertising company Leo Burnett had big success creating the company's Offices in Singapore, made by the local designers team of Ministry of Design.

So, what's so different?

First, the whole design concept was inspired by the company's history and, above all, by the company's creator Mr. Leo Burnett. His portrait which welcomes everyone, is creative enough for an advertising agency office. It is not just a simple picture - it starts from the floor and finishes on the ceiling.. and the famous pencil, the agency's symbol is also there, in Mr. Burnett's hand.

Second, the whole office area is devised in 3 unique environments that separately capture a different aspect of the total creative process but yet connect in harmony with each other and with the company culture.
The corporate symbols are everywhere - colors, drawings, the famous pencil which is cleverly incorporated also at the company web-site, the red apples.

At last, don't forget the outdoor area - on the floor and on the white walls there are black lines which viewed in perspective are looking like "7+". This number represents the quality of the agency's ads (in the world of advertising there is an evaluation scale from 1 to 10 - anything marked with 7 and above is in fact marked as an excellent ad).

Just perfectly communicated brand. Well done, Ministry of Design.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Furniture design represented by dance styles - by Calligaris

Calligaris is Italian company - furniture manufacturer since 1923. Today it is a world-wide known brand for home design. This year Calligaris introduces its new brand identity where past meets present. You can see the new brand vision on Calligaris web-site by clicking here.

What captivated me the most, however, is the way the Classical and Trendy collections are represented in Lifestyle section - through the metaphor of dance styles.

Italian style shows its high class once again. Well done, Calligaris!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Furniture design with the body motion in mind - made in Bulgaria

It's a great pleasure for me to present the latest project from the portfolio of Alexander Christoff - a 23-year-old Bulgarian designer.

He is incorporating the idea of body motion and physical exercise in furniture design - his ergonomic chair "Active sitting" has a 42 cm gymnastic ball inside.

The young designer himself describes his creation as following:
Sitting on it your body is constantly making small adjustments with the postural muscles, abdominals, gluteals and leg muscles. It is "active sitting" rather than simply sitting upright in a chair with no movement.

Benefits of using an anti burst ball as a chair:
- Active sitting
- Promotes better posture
- Increases cardiovascular efficiency
- Improves toning and strength
- Strengthens core

Nice concept which I hope will be developed in a whole range of innovative furniture created with concern of active body motion...

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Think Global, Act Local - How to communicate global brands locally

Communicating global brands in different cultural contexts is a real challenge. There are numerous global brands, however, that are doing it just perfect.
Now let's see some commercial spots in which are used music, body motion and dance like a communication system to make intercultural connections for different brands:

One of my favorites - Snikers/Don't Stop spot (Dubai)
Successful spot based on the KungFu Panda movie - MacDonalds for Beijing Olympics
One of the MTV local commercials - MTV Arabia

For more, search for videos in the right column YouTube search engine in this blog.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Fashion designer improvisation with Dance

In the end of 2009, Hedi Slimane, a fashion designer, made his Improvisation 1 - a short black and white video with the classic balletist from Danish Royal Ballet Oscar Nilsson.

The result: outstanding style, beautiful vision and mix of classical ballet and improvisation under the drums rhythm of a mysterious dancer with bear head... Don't forget that it's winter time - even the snow is falling over Oscar while he is dancing... This is one more example of how design and dance can work together to cross the know limits of creativity.
Enjoy the original video here!

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