Thursday, 28 July 2011

Video Dance Messenger! That's how Google finally made me install Chrome

Google's browser is out there for a lot of time already but I never got a reason to install it, plus I always found their campaigns a bit agressive, forcing you to install the browser "for better experince". So, I decided 'I'm not installing another browser unless you give me a damn good reason!'

Well, the one I saw today made me finally go for Chrome just to try the Video Dance Messenger, especially when it turns out to be a collaboration of Google and Ok Go with Pilobolus (I have a soft spot for this dance company and I'm following their projects for years).

As a result, here's my personal Video Dance Message:

Friday, 22 July 2011

'What is Juke?' or the importance of naming

How and why companies are choosing the names of their products might be an important issue especially when a single name provokes controversial associations.

Here an example. Tell me, what's Juke?

Answer 1: Pff, it's the new Nissan model, of course! The car is awesome, look:

Answer 2: It's a phone by Samsung. I was using it a couple of years ago, nice one. Here it is:

Well, I'm confused. Why would Nissan choose a name for their new car that was associated with a phone just a couple of years ago? Is it on purpose (if yes, why?) or it's just a coincidence as someone didn't do enough research during the naming process? Too many questions, still looking for the answers.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Morris Lessmore - the game changing app

I never thought that an app would make me wanna buy the new iPad just so that I can install the application itself. But it happened.

Here's a teaser video for one of the latest apps you can find for your iPad on the AppStore. It's absolutely stunning both in terms of visualization and technical innovation.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore iPad App Trailer from Moonbot Studios on Vimeo.

Great work by Moonbot Studios.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Dip Desperado: an epic story by Doritos

The new Doritos ad in UK looks more like a short movie than like an ad and people love it.

Check out the story of Esteban Ortega told in 2 minutes:

You liked it and wanna try if you have Esteban's skills? Try the Facebook game following the link here (it didn't work out for me being outside UK but it should, so you can still give it a try wherever you are but be prepared to get an Error screen as well).

The game is available also as an app for iphone and android mobiles.

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