Monday, 31 August 2009

Michael Jackson's memoriam - a dancing world

Speaking about better world where everybody is a dancer, we just can't miss to remember the dancing and singing phenomenon Michael Jackson.
Leaving apart his complicated personal life, this man has dedicated his creative work to a Better world without pain, hunger and wars and this World was a Singing and Dancing World.
In Michael Jackson's World humans are Moon walkers. With his music, he preached to save the Earth. He was singing "We are the World, We are the children, We are the ones who make a brighter day so let's start giving..." And he gave to the World his Wonderland, and the World liked it and started to share it...
Michael Jackson's message is so powerful and everlasting, that after his sudden death the World celebrated his heritage with Tributes in the big cities all over the Planet. Everybody danced for the King of Pop:
New York
Hong Kong
Saint Petersburg

Friday, 28 August 2009

Dancing feelings

Dance is communication system rich enough to build emotional human relations without words. Body motion is not just individual expression of someone's world, but expression of attitude, expectations, feelings such as love, passion, frustration.

Today's example of dance communication is a love story, realized on the stage of the dance show "So you think you can dance". Look at the characters and imagine that it could be you in the City Park... how would look your story if you were sitting on that bench?
But first - see Travis and Heidi

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Dancing technology by Citroen

Let's go back in year 2007... do you remember the dancing robot advertisement for Citroen C4?
That's one of my favorite examples of excellent combination of design, technology and... dance!
This car really is "Alive with technology", Bravo Citroen!
Look at the different versions, my Top 3:
The Original Dancing Robot Car
Ice Skating Robot Car
Staying Alive in NYC Robot Car
Which of them is your personal leader?

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Pilobolus - another world in motion!

Pilobolus represents the idea of A World in Motion par excellence. With its 3 divisions - Pilobolus Dance Theater, Pilobolus Institute and Pilobolus Creative Services - it is a multi-functional organization. It creates worldwide known dance concerts, studying dance programs and movement and dance services for film, advertising, publishing.

A great interest for me provokes Pilobolus Creative Services department and its work in advertising communication for clients such as Hyundai, Ford, American Express (look the videos in the "Dance in advertising communication" section in the right column of the blog).

These ads are perfect starting point for creation of brand new communicative system in advertising and branding... Hope to participate this process in near future!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Life to tell... dancing

Sometimes words are not enough. Especially when you have a life to tell... life full of passion and contradictions, life that in the end makes you wiser, stronger, better...

Excellent example are the "confessions" of 3 incredible dancers - Daniel "Cloud" Campos, Sofia Boutella, Leroy "Hypnosis " Barnes - from the Intro of Madonna's Confessions Tour 2006.

Take a look here!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Redesign the classic!

Who says that a real classic can't be redesigned and still preserved?
Classical Prelude from Johann Sebastian Bach is living second life in 21-st century with Sting (guitar) and Alessandra Ferri (ballet dancer).


When you wake up...

What if you start your day dancing, speak with gestures and stop only to fall asleep again... I bet your dreams will be beautiful!

Watch her!

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