Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A recap on what 'Better world in motion' is all about

Here is the first "Better world in motion" post for 2013. It comes just as a quick reminder to its, I have to admit, limited audience and those little few that share positive feedback about the concept of this blog. In brief, it is my personal study on 'dance and body motion in advertising', so there is no daily feed, or any scheduled feed at all, until I discover something I find relevant to share.

And now comes what I call the useful part, a brief recap and some conclusions on the usage of dance in advertising (or what I noticed since I started this blog in 2009):

First, the kind of content: tv spots, short movies, videos (this one is a no-brainer: moving and dancing people and things are shown best in, well, moving pictures).

Than the industries using dance more than others in their brand communication:
1. Fashion (as an example see my post on Louis Vuitton YouTube channel, another ones by Tod's, Pacco Rabane and the Canvas Experiment by Converse);
2. Automotive (see the dancing hamsters of Kia, the 'dancing in the rain' VW version, Citroen, and an example by Pirelli);
3. Telecommunication (the famous T-mobile case, Google Chrome, Samsung);
4. Food & beverage (cereals brand Weetabix, Baileys, of course Red Bull);
5. People/artists (Daniel Cloud Campos, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, to name few from the international dance scene).
I can't ommit also specialised sports, and point out the Nike example, also Nike Women campaign starring Sofia Boutella).

As a conclusion, I would like to share my belief that having dancers instead of models and actors in advertising, and having choreographers as a part of the creative team behind a commercial could make a difference in a positive way. Because dance is a story told with no words. And good advertising is about great sorytelling, isn't it?

To close this post I would like to thank all my friends who are dancers, choreographers and advertising people. My 'Better world in motion' is dedicated to you.

More less profound and more of a case-study posts to come. ;)


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