Monday, 7 September 2009

Dance and Design in Nike Spring 2009 Campaign

 Nike is one of the pioneers who use dance in their Advertising strategy.
All started with the powerful campaign for Nike Women 2006 where world's greatest women street dancers introduced Dance as a sport, culture and way of life with Nike shoes and clothes (check out the video at "Dance in Advertising Communication" section of this blog).

 This year Nike represented a concept from new level: Mix of  Dance and Design in two directions:

1. Nike Free Your Style - a contest for street dancers. And the big price is...custom designed Nike Air shoes. This initiative was a great success with participants from all over the world - all of them wanting to be the best free style dancer with a pair of  Nike shoes dedicated to his style. Check out some of the candidates at Nike's official You Tube Channel - FreeYourStyleEurope.

2. Nike Air Troupe Design Battle - a competition for dance shoes design, based on the same idea of Nike Free Your Style. This time Nike is calling not only the street dancers, but all new&old school design maniacs.
The campaign is Online based and 100% User Friendly. It has a big success as well. You also have the opportunity to make your personal shoe design - try at

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