Saturday, 12 September 2009

First spectacle of Sofia Dance Week 2009 - Official Rebranding Event for the General Sponsor

On 10th of September was presented the first show from the Official program of Sofia Dance Week festival. It was free for public and happened in the city center, in front of the Telecommunications Palace of Sofia. In fact, the artists from Compagnie Les Passagers used as a scene the walls of the building.

The event was also representing the Official Rebranding of the General Sponsor of the festival - the Bulgarian telecommunications operator merged its two brands BTK (Fixed Telephone Services for Home) and Vivatel (Mobile Services) into one - Vivacom.

Short report:
Sucessful and original event, worthy for the public.
Watch the show, called "Look Up!" here:
Look Up! - part 1
Look Up! - part 2

As far as the rebranding strategy of the Bulgarian Telecommunications Operator is concerned, it is quite controversial. What is more, the name and the logo of the new brand is shokingly similar to another one... find out the true by comparing this two corporate pages:
Vivacom - the Bulgarian Telecommunication Operator
Vivacom - Italian Web Design Company

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