Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Armani's campaign for Acqua di Gioia - creating a dream world

This spring was released the new Armani fragrance for women Acqua di Gioia. Another new fragrance, one of many. What makes the difference?

The communication campaign concept goes a bit further than showing beautiful model posing for a picture (it's not that the model is not beautiful, Emily Di Donato is absolutely amazing here). The videos create a dream, a world dedicated to Acqua di Gioia, where nature and woman go together, supported by elements as rainwater, sea, green forests on islands, as Armani team declares.
The final touch is added by the music in the videos!
The result - seems that it made a difference in this year's new fragrances campaigns. Check it yourself and enjoy the 5 videos, shared by Armani in Series on YouTube!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Stop motion - the art of expressing actions with no moves

Catching actions and moving objects in photography is provocative objective and always interesting task. Stop motion, though, can be used in many ways. Sometimes even you can tell more with no motion than with a hundred movements.

This tool is used in art, especially in dance, to point out something, to create opposites, to impress in a different way. Dancers who are able to express a message with no motion, creating tension just standing still are appreciated as the best performers on stage.

Why not using this tool in advertising? Someone do. A good example is the Campari Orange Passion Spot - watch it and think about the exact action which is shown with this stop motion. An original strong atmosphere created using a different way to express an action leads to good results for Campari perception.

Better world in motion | Desenvolvido por EMPORIUM DIGITAL