Friday, 10 June 2011

Le club Perrier - the more people who watch, the hotter the party

The French water brand Perrier started a new type of interactivity campaign with a video on YouTube, uploaded a week ago.

The idea is simple and brilliant at the same time: the more people watch the video, the more parts of it are being unlocked.

After a week, at the moment I checked it out, it had 1 011 396 views, 3 levels had been unlocked and still 3 more to go. Looks like very good approach to go viral.

The only weak point here is the story told in the video - sexy, sweating, hot nightlife and water? Being sexy is an old trick that always works in advertising but this time the audience seems to be a bit negative (check out the comments on Perrier's YouTube channel), and some people didn't even realize that's water! (Here my favorite quote: "Its water! lol i thought this was beer haha disapointed, but this still looks chillin =P")

Now, check it out by yourself, and share it if you want to help unlocking the final part of the video: Perrier YouTube channel

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