Sunday, 2 January 2011

Who owns the Heaven - Lavazza vs. Nespresso

After the long Christmas and NYE holidays people are full of hopes and bright expectations, thinking about the essentials in life - love, friendship, happiness. Being so idealistic is a rare and good mood and if you ever felt into it I would like to ask you a simple question:

Who owns the Heaven?

Here's an epic battle: Lavazza vs. Nespresso (Yes, it's again about brands!)

Lavazza chose the divine theme long time ago...

Nespresso jumped into the Heavens as well, starting the big battle on who has the right to be in clouds (with George Clooney their army seem to be stronger, don't you think?)

Lavazza fights back with a divine smile by Julia Roberts (who was paid an incredible amount of money to play an angel without saying a word)

Another question: if brands are already in Heaven, is there forbidden field for them? Just drink an espresso and wait for the answer during 2011.

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