Thursday, 25 October 2012

OPI Instinct of Color. And of dance.

Here is something that really surprised me, in a good way. Two main things in the new OPI commercial: amazingly creative idea for nail polish ad and great execution.
Here nail polish colors definitely got meaning. And expression.
Pink stands for classical femininity, expressed with classical ballet.
Red is passion and tap dance.
Than come the blue and the yellow.
But it would be so good without the Lady in Black performances!

Special thanks to Zlatina Zareva for sharing.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A glass of liqueur with dancing ballerinas inside, that's Baileys

The new ad for Baileys Irish cream really makes me feel like staring at my glass, looking for the cabaret show I saw in 'Pour Spectacular', the Irish liqueur new spot.
'Spectacular' is actually a good word to describe the video, and I definetelly like it.

For more detailed info, credits and for another opinion, check out what AdWeek says about it.

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